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Proud to be an Andy Lau fan!

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Here is great reason to be proud to be a card-carrying Andy Lau fan (literally – I’m a member of his fan club and actually have a membership card!).

This video is on YouTube and is getting mentioned in blogs.  It shows a fan at an Andy Lau concert who brings flowers up to Andy while he’s on stage.  After the fan leaves security personnel of some sort jump on him and although it is not quite clear what they do, whatever it is, it’s enough to make Andy jump off the stage and help the fan get clear of the security guards. Andy then walks the fan off to the side of the stage. 

This is a taste of Andy’s near legendary love for his fans. As a member of his fan club I am regularly invited to meetings in Hong Kong where you can go and meet with Andy. On the fan club’s website in the forum there are always stories of how great Andy was to meet and how he always treats them with respect and makes sure they know that he appreciates their support.

That is the sign of a true gentleman – and star!