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Welcome to the Hong Kong Film Fan Blog!

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Let me introduce myself. This is my blog and you can call me HKFilmFan!

I’ve been a fan of Hong Kong films for many years and will talk about them to anyone who will listen. I guess that’s why I’ve started this blog.

My website had a blog of sorts (actually just a page on the site that I posted things to) but I only got in a few entries and then life intruded. When I switched web hosts and had to revamp my website I found that I had blogging capabilities and decided to try again.

I started out on my website writing long reviews of films but I found I was having trouble writing long reviews but was having no trouble at all giving my opinion in capsule form on the films to my coworkers and husband. I also posted some of these capsule reviews on my previous blog. I’ve found that I enjoy writing these little “reviews” better than the longer ones, so I thought I’d start writing those kinds of things in this blog every couple of days or so. Let me tell you about my newest obsessions: David Chiang, Ti Lung and Alexander Fu Sheng! I don’t know quite how it started, but I happened on to some 70’s Shaw Brothers films with David Chiang and Ti Lung in them and they just caught my eye.  


I’ve been trying to rent anything that they are in and I’ve seen David go from 70’s heart throb (all the Shaw Brothers films of that time) to 80’s goofy action hero (dead ghost cop plaguing Sammo Hung in “Where’s Officer Tuba?”) to distinguished grandfather of young newcomer Vanness Wu in “Star Runner” in 2003. I’ve watched Ti Lung go from hunky swordsman to 80’s “heroic bloodshed” icon in “A Better Tomorow” to Jackie Chan’s strict father in “Drunken Master 2” to Vanness Wu’s slightly worse-for-wear Wing Chun teacher in the aforementioned “Star Runner”.  As for Fu Sheng, it is a little bittersweet to watch him these past few months. He showed such promise and flair for comedic kung fu and heroic swordsman films that I wonder what he would be like today if he were still alive. It’s been really fascinating to watch all three!    

Ok, enough about that. I promise not to just talk about David Chiang, Ti Lung, and Fu Sheng. After all, there are the modern stars to talk about- Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, just to name a few. I’m sure I’ll throw in some news and history as well.   


I hope you find something that interests you and that you join me again. Thanks for stopping by!